100% Cotton Facial Scrubby • 3 Pack

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Naturally soft and absorbent, these 100% cotton exfoliating facial scrubbies are eco-friendly and machine washable!

This set of three crocheted reusable cotton rounds are a facial routine staple I never knew I NEEDED until I tried them! Use a crocheted face scrubby as a makeup remover, facial mask remover, and for daily cleansing.

The 100% cotton yarn used is variegated (multicolor), making each reusable cotton round one of a kind. Photos are true to color. Please reference the listing photos to see the variations of coloring in each scrubby. Because of the nature of the yarn, I cannot guarantee any one color or colors of your three pack. Please message me prior to ordering if you have any questions about this!

Each scrubby is approximately 3 inches in diameter, making these the perfect palm sized makeup remover.