Aromatherapy Inhaler Blanks • 6 Pack

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Take your favorite essential oil blends in the go with this handy 6 pack of aromatherapy inhalers!

This set comes with everything you need to make six essential oil nasal inhalers- just add your own oil!

To make an inhaler:

Put a few drops of your favorite oils on the cotton wick. Slide it in the inhaler tube and pop the bottom closure into the tube to seal it. Screw the top on to make your own aromatherapy inhaler!

To use: Unscrew the top, hold under your nostril and breathe!

This set contains:
• 6 cotton wicks
• 6 plastic inhaler tubes
• 6 inhaler covers
• 6 seal caps

Please message me with any questions or bulk inquiries you may have!