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This flavorful plant is commonly used to enhance the sweet and tangy flavors of Asian dishes, but is also a main ingredient in chai tea. Who doesn't love teriyaki chicken and chai tea lattes? 

When it comes to the kitchen, you really need to use high quality ingredients. I thought I was a terrible cook until I was introduced to legitimate spices! Turns out I was just using the cheap stuff that doesn't hold enough flavor to really do the herbs justice. Why didn't anyone tell me sooner? I'd like to take a moment to thank my dear friend Amber for introducing me to Penzey's Spices. I can't recommend them enough if you don't have access to fresh and organic herbs for your own creations.  

Sadly, it is common practice for the herb and spice blends commonly found at the supermarket to be created from the lowest quality plants that couldn't be sold otherwise and to have been stored in hot and humid warehouses for long periods of time. This dramatically effects the quality of the finished product.

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