DIY Solid Lotion Bar

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DIY Solid Lotion Bar

Between swimming in the pool and fussing in the garden, I find myself constantly slathering on lotion. These homemade lotion bars are so convenient – I have plenty, they work great, and I know every ingredient that went into it because I put them there.

This is a perfect project if you are a DIY beginner. All you need to do is measure the ingredients, melt, and pour into a mold. Done! You can't really go wrong with this one.

lotion bar tins

Homemade Lotion Bars

Herb infused oil tutorial recipe

Lemon balm infused avocado oil (Vanilla infused Jojoba Oil is another favorite!) Check out our lemon balm and vanilla oil infusion recipes!

Mold for lotion bars (silicone is easiest to work with for this DIY)
Pyrex glass measuring cup
Metal tins for lotion bars

silicone mold

I use this silicone mold so they're really easy to pop out when they've set. I like this size because the bars are small enough to fit perfectly into little tins and small hands. Also- mini things are just cuter.

beeswax coconut oil for solid lotion bar


solid lotion bar instructions

  1. Chop up your butters if they are solid and you're having a hard time measuring them. It won't be the end of the world if you're a little off here.

    natural butters and oils double broiler style
  2. Put all ingredients (minus essential oils) in a heat safe glass bowl over a small pot with a couple of inches of water. This makes a double broiler so nothing gets scorched by the heat. I like using a Pyrex glass measuring bowl so it's easy to pour into molds but any glass bowl will work.
  3. Simmer and stir until everything is melted. The beeswax will take a little while.
  4. Remove from heat and add your favorite essential oils.
  5. Pour into prepared silicone molds.
  6. Allow your new lotion bars to set for a few hours in a cool location. They will will pop right out once cooled.

lemon balm infused handmade solid lotion bar

I store mine in little 2 oz tins around the house so they're always handy! This recipe makes roughly 10 .5oz lotion bars.


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  • Shauna @ HandKraffted

    Hey Lisa & Laura! I’m happy to hear you had success with the DIY lotion bar recipe! Thanks for sharing!

  • Laura

    LOVE THIS RECIPE!! The bars are perfect! Thanks!

  • Lisa

    I gave your recipe a try with Young Living’s Lavender EO and am in love! Not too hard, too soft, or too greasy like the others I’ve tried. This one is a keeper!

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